Bones of Contention: How Will Creationists Respond To A Huge New Hominid Fossil Find?

This blog is an excellent resource for those of us interested in biology and questions of origin. Ken Ham and AiG took aim at this post on Homo naledi.

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Naturalis Historia

Where no animal except a lost owl and rodent has ever found themselves, through skinny passages that I could not fit through, laying on or just under fine sediments, the partially fossilized bones of at least 15 individuals have been found deep in a cave in South Africa.

How did these bones get there? Whose bones were they? When did these individuals live?

Almost two years ago I wrote about the Rising Star Expedition which was an expedition into a deep dark cave to recover newly discovered remains of what was a possible new human relative. (See: Science in Progress: The Rising Star Expedition in South Africa) While openly inviting experts and students to be involved in the expedition and subsequent research to describe the findings, the answers to some of these these questions have been understandably kept under wraps until this morning.   A press conference, two research articles…

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