Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis Posts

These are the links to my posts responding to Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis.

  1.  Ken Ham’s Humean Skepticism (08/24/15) (still my favourite)
  2. Why Ham is Really Bacon (08/27/15)
  3. Ham-Handed Hermeneutics Page w/ Links
  4. Heresy of Ham (08/25/15)
  5. Why My Friend Is Not Teaching This Year
  6. Dialogue in Hamean Skepticism (excerpt from Ham/Hume post)
  7. Mind the Gap I (09/10/15)
  8. Mind the Gap II (09/11/15)
  9. An Unhappy Marriage I
  10. An Unhappy Marriage II
  11. An Unhappy Marriage III
  12. Ken Ham’s Supra-Natural Selection
  13. Too Fast to Fossilize
  14. Ken Ham on N.T. Wright
  15. N.T. Wright on N.T. Wright (brief interview)
  16. Answers in Genesis: Insects Are Not Alive?!
  17. Ken Ham on Homo Naledi
  18. How Ken Ham & Answers in Genesis Led Me to Accept Evolutionary Theory (most popular)
  19. Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter is Fantastic! (05/20/2016)
  20. Oh the Places We will Not Go: Passing on the Ark Encounter to Encounter God’s Real Creation (Inspired by Joel Duff’s blog post of the same name.)
  21. Ken Ham’s Double Standard & the 7 Ds of Deception
  22. Heresy is the New Orthodoxy Part I
  23. Heresy is the New Orthodoxy Part II: Apollinarianism Abounding
  24. Heresy is the New Orthodoxy Part III: Modalism a la Mode
  25. The Central Narrative of Answers in Genesis. . . is not found in Genesis.