Oh the Places We will Not Go: Passing on the Ark Encounter to Encounter God’s Real Creation

IP — Follow the link below to Joel Duff’s blog post at the end of this post. His recent post resonates with my recent post about Ken Ham’s Fantastic Voyage — Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter is Fantastic! In that post, I recommend going to the zoo instead.

Dr. Duff inspired me to actually compare prices of places that we might go instead of the Ark Encounter or the Creation Museum.

Let’s compare prices, shall we? For my family of five to visit the Ark Encounter where we would see an artist’s conception of fictional pre-speciation animals, it would cost $174.00 including parking but not including food, souvenirs and propaganda. . . er I mean books.

At the tidal pools, I found this cool sea worn piece of a brick wall. I was so tempted to take it as a souvenir. However, they asked us to leave whatever we found.

brittle star
A brittle star that was crawling on my hand.
Now, a trip to the nearby Cincinnati Zoo on the other hand would cost $85.00 including parking for General Admission. If you purchased their Adventure Tickets with unlimited rides and a 4D show, then a day at the park would cost $120. Tickets are discounted if you purchase them on line. However, as we do here in Waco, my family would by a membership. At the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens, a membership is $209, includes parking and rides. This membership covers a family of four and as with most Zoo memberships allows one guest to enter for free with each visit. Not only that but Zoos have reciprocal relationships with other Zoos in Canada and the U.S.A. For instance, our $75 Cameron Park Zoo membership gets my family into the Cincinnati Zoo for half price and parking.

A Chiton.
Modern Zoos are now often places where actual scientific research, animal rescue and rehabilitation are done. Indeed, one can even get involved in this process. My children have made toys and helped prepare food for various creatures at the Cameron Park Zoo. Our membership got us free entry to Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in California where we joined a tidal pool tour. We found and handled some very exciting creatures as you can see from my pictures.

So like Joel Duff and his family, our family opts for seeing creatures that the Creator actually created. Indeed, bird watching or turning over rocks in your own backyard will teach you and your family far more about God’s creation than a trip to Ken Ham’s Fantastic Ark.

Creatures from Ken Ham’s Creature Shop. They look almost real but their wholly imaginary like a Taun Taun or a Bantha but less cool.
Don’t let Ken Ham guilt you into funding his “pet” project. It is as biblical as the aliens who built the pyramids.

Now read Joel Duff’s own family vacation plans, he writes:

I have been planning for our family vacation for several months.  The vacation includes driving more than 5000 miles and visiting many National and State Parks. We will visit museums, hunt for foss…

Source: Oh the Places We will Not Go: Passing on the Ark Encounter to Encounter God’s Real Creation


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