Dear Abe: Bronze Age Advice for Post-Modern Times

Dear Abe,

Recently, my wife and I moved to a new town to look for work. My wife is very beautiful. The other day, I noticed a local business owner checking her out. Is there anyway I can turn this into a job opportunity?


Married in Memphis

Dear Married,

Yes, moving to a new land can prove challenging. Having found myself in a similar situation on more than one occasion, I can tell you what I did.

In my own situation, I told the locals my wife was my sister. This little half truth allowed us to get in good with the local movers and shakers. In the end, a local bigwig sent us on our way and invested in my start-up organization.

I was about to ask my wife how she felt about it but my nephew interrupted us.



Please send your questions to Dear Abe PO Box 480 Bethel, Canaan 77712

Genesis 12:10-20; Genesis 20; see also Genesis 26:6-11

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