Bones of Contention IV: A YEC Homo naledi Fossil Status Scorecard

Natural Historian continues his summary and assessment of the three major Young Earth Creationist organizations interpretations of the Homo Naledi fossil find. — IP

I highly recommend this website for those who are interested in the Christianity and Science discussion. Of course, they do more than address YEC related topics.

Naturalis Historia

Creation Ministries International, the third of the big-three literal solar-day young earth creationist organizations, weighed in yesterday with their own assessment of the remarkable set of bones found in the deep recesses of a South African cave. The scientists who recovered and examined those bones over a two-year period have identified them as belonging to a previously unknown species of the genus Homo which they have called Homo naledi.

Now that the final of the big-three have made their assessments of the bones I thought it would be helpful to compare their views. Below is a chart I made to help summarize the responses of these three YEC organizations to this important fossil discovery.

Young Earth Creationist’ Assessment* of the physical and spiritual status of Homo naledi fossils from South Africa
OrganizationAnswers in GenesisInstitute for Creation ResearchCreation Ministries International
Publication title and location

Homo naledi: Claims…

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