About My Other Blog: Where the Sidewalks End

Please join me at my other blog, Where the Sidewalks End. Read my first post to find out more about the purpose of this blog. In short, WTSE will be more personal and more focussed. I will write about my experiences as a father of a special needs child and reflect theologically on the topic of disability.

Where The Sidewalks End

The entries in this blog will be both more personal and more focussed on a particular topic than myPOPChristblog. My son Corban is severely disabled. He and his identical twin, Christopher, were born at twenty-five weeks six days or about three months early. At birth, Corban weight was just over a pound (457 grams). Picture a baby, if you can, the size of pound of butter. At around two pounds, his brother was around the average weight for his gestational period.

In the process of the emergency delivery, Corban had a grade IV brain hemmorahage (like a stroke in an adult). As a result, he is legally blind. It is a cortical visual blindness. He has epillepsy. He has severe cerebral palsy (CP).

When I imagined having children, I never imagined having a child like Corban. I never imagined I would still be changing the diapers of a…

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